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Felix Flesche Water House Paperback

Felix Flesche
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The latest volume in Prestel's House series explores a revolutionary movement in land use - one that doesn't involve land at all. This study of built and yet-to-be-realised aquatic habitats shows how water has become architecture's next frontier. Whether they're floating on top, hovering over, or submerged beneath the water, each of the more than fifty structures examined here demonstrates an innovative use of water resources. Colourfully illustrated with photographs, drawings, and plans, this book includes: Shanghai's Bionic Tower - complete with its own lake; Biorock - an artificial reef in the Indian Ocean; An undersea hotel where scuba divers can spend a comfortable night; and Sweden's Ice Hotel, where translucent frozen walls reveal the beauty of the Northern Lights. Each of these projects offer reassuring proof that today's architects are finding workable and appealing solutions to the problems of shrinking resources and growing populations.

Felix Flesche Water House Paperback
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