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Majorelle. Uman 3 Hardcover

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This is a sophisticated wardrobe guides series for modern men. "Uman. The Essays" is a series of commentaries by contemporary connoisseurs (authors, journalists, and cultured men), who explore the sources of men's costume sports, discovery, passions to reveal the traditions and ethos at the basis of the ideal wardrobe. It is a project by Umberto Angeloni, former chief executive of Brioni, an Italian luxury lifestyle brand with global diffusion. Majorelle is dedicated to clothes for gardening and is signed by Sir Roy Strong, a writer and historian and gardener. He was director of the National Portrait Gallery (1967-73) and of the Victoria and Albert Museum (1974-87). In his capacity as a gardener he has helped the Prince of Wales, the late Gianni Versace and Sir Elton John with their gardens: placed within the perspective of the history of fashion, clothes for the garden fall into two distinct categories, those which, in English terms, we would designated as for gentlemen as against those for players. There is the dress of those who labour and that of those for whom they labour. They two do not really fuse until the second half of the twentieth century when the soaring cost of gardeners rendered most garden-owners more often than not part of the labour force.

Majorelle. Uman 3 Hardcover
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