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Industrial Marketing Strategy Paperback

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Develop customer-focused, market-driven strategies for today'scompetitive marketplace. . .

Industrial Marketing Strategy

Widely regarded as a classic text in the field, IndustrialMarketing Strategy, Third Edition shows you, as a practicingmanager, how to develop the marketing strategies your businessneeds to succeed in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. Thisimportant book covers:
* The basic concepts of customer analysis, buying behavior,buyer-seller relationships, market segmentation and targeting, andpositioning
* Proven, concrete, strategic management techniques--rather than arote enumeration of the functions and institutions of industrialmarketing
* Guidelines for implementing the value proposition throughdistribution and marketing communications
* The role of marketing in the broader context of business andcorporate-level strategic planning
* Special sections on product development, national accountmanagement, customer service, information technology, and pricesignaling

Industrial Marketing Strategy Paperback
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