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Visual Basic 6 Database Programming For Dummies

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While previous versions of Visual Basic had some database facilities, with Visual Basic 6, Microsoft has created a robust, fully-fledged database programming language. VB6 includes a raft of highly effective database features and tools�including hundreds of efficiencies, step-through wizards, and shortcuts�that in most cases are extremely easy to understand and master. Among the most important of these are ADO Data Control, Data View window, Query Designer, DataRepeater Control, Data Environment Designer, ActiveX Document Migration Wizard, WebClass Designer, and Visual Data Manager.

Visual Basic 6 Database Programming For Dummies is a friendly, no-nonsense guide for programmers already familiar with Visual Basic who want to take advantage of all of version 6�s powerful database features. Packed with real-world examples and plain-English explanations, it cuts through the jargon and shows you, step-by-step, how to:

  • Build professional-looking database programs Craft user-friendly interfaces and robust reports
  • Automate programming with built-in tools
  • Maximize Internet connectivity with ActiveX
  • Develop ASP and IIS applications
  • Transitions from DAO to ADO
  • Understand how best to use all of VB�s built-in database features
  • Get the most out of VB�s Data Environment Designer
  • Know ho to use SQL

    Author Richard Mansfield gives you a solid understanding of what databases are, how they work, and what you can do with them. Then he walks you through all the steps to creating powerful database applications. Topics covered include:

    • Getting connected with data controls and the Data Form Wizard
    • Using the Data Environment Designer
    • Designing a user interface
    • Building a new database from scratch
    • Translating Windows applications to Web pages using ActiveX Document Migration Wizard
    • Combining HTML and VB to create active server pages
    • Creating IIS applications
    • Data access programming
    • Using the Query Designer

      Have you been baffled by the alphabet soup of VB6 acronyms? Have you tried other books on the subject and found them sourly lacking in clarity? Don�t despair, relax and let Visual Basic 6 Database Programming For Dummies gently ease you into the world of database programming.

Visual Basic 6 Database Programming For Dummies
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