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Literature and Globalization (Routledge Literature Readers)

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Globalization has had a huge impact on thinking across the humanities, redefining the understanding of fields such as communication, culture, politics, and literature.

This groundbreaking Reader is the first to chart significant moments in the emergence of contemporary thinking about globalization and explore their significance for and impact on literary studies. The book's three sections look in turn at:

    • an overview of globalization theory and influential works in the field
    • the impact of globalization on literature and our understanding of the 'literary'
    • how issues in globalization can be used to read specific literary texts.

    Containing essays by leading critics including Arjun Appadurai, Jacques Derrida, Simon Gikandi, Ursula K. Heise, Graham Huggan, Franco Moretti, Bruce Robbins and Anna Tsing, this volume outlines the relationship between globalization and literature, offering a key sourcebook for and introduction to an exciting, emerging field.

    Literature and Globalization (Routledge Literature Readers)
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